Midsummer at Nääs

Celebrating Midsummer at Nääs is a tradition dating back to the 19th century. Today, both Midsummer’s Eve and Midsummer’s Day are celebrated with dance, performances and music

Midsummer´s eve 2022

Friday the 24th of June

9.00-12.00 Preparing together

Everyone is welcome to dress the maypole (sw. midsommarstång) with flowers and garlands. The children carry the Ormen Långe garland to Björkenääs with musicians in the lead, then coffee break on the lawn – a Swedish “fika”. Don’t forget working gloves! Free admission.

Admission from 14:00

  • SEK 100 for adults
  • SEK 50 for children (7–16 years)
  • Children 0–6 years, free admission
  • Midsummer celebrants in traditional costume, free admission


15.00-20.30 The Fiddler´s Café open.
Coffee and Swedish midsummer “fika” with traditional folk music in the Fiddler´s Café in Vänhem.

17.00-20.30 The maypole is raised.
Traditional midsummer celebration with folk dance show, sing- and dance games for everyone, café, lotteries and “fish pond” for children.

20.30 Old time dance with various traditional dances for everyone in Lekhuset.
Admission SEK 100. Midsummer celebrants in traditional costume have free admission.

23.30 Torch dance, Night coffee, more dancing in Lekhuset until the sun rises.

Midsummer´s day 2022

Saturday the 25th of June

Free admission to the outside of Lekhuset and the sing- and dance games. Coffee and “fika” during the afternoon.

16.00 Wedding procession from Vänhem.
See the bride and grome with guests arrive with horse and carriage from Vänhem to Lekhuset.

Peasant wedding at Lekhuset
Performance of a traditional Midsummer celebration with a peasant wedding in Lekhuset.

The performance costs SEK 60 for adults. Children and youths 0–16 years and Midsummer celebrants in traditional costume, free admission.

Free admission to the area outside Lekhuset.

More dancing around the maypole.
Immediately after the performance, there will be dancing around the maypole as well as singing and games for everyone. Free admission.

18.00 Nääs marsch, closure.
Dance- and singing game from Nääs.

Very welcome to Nääs!

Midsummer celebration organized by the non-profit association Näässamfundet and the August Abrahamson Foundation


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