In anticipation of the King’s visit to Nääs Castle in 1890 the so called Smoking Room was redecorated with a stunning wallpaper, designed by the renowned French wallpaper manufacturer Paul Balin (1832 – 1898). He was the most successful designer of the time, making wallpapers that were wonderful copies of materials like rich brocades, and his exclusive designs were extremely expensive and sought after. The wallpaper at Nääs is one of the few, and perhaps the only, example of its kind that has been preserved in its entirety in its original setting.

With the original as a guide the pattern has been copied and new printing rollers were ordered from Lim & Handtryck in Mölndal, who specialise in historic wallpaper reproduction. The project, which has focused on the pattern design and colours, aims to achieve the relief effect of the original paper by printing rather than embossing, and come as close to the hues and artistry of the original as possible.

In spring 2016 the Nääs wallpaper was shown in Kassel, Germany, in the German Wallpaper Museum’s new gallery, as part of the ‘Schöner Schein! Luxustapeten des Historismus von Paul Balin’ special exhibition. In December 2015 Lim & Handtryck’s new version of the Nääs wallpaper was presented at Nääs alongside the original, to the press, cultural heritage organisations and other enterprises from West Sweden.