August Abrahamson is the Nääs estate’s last private owner. He was born to German Jewish parents in Karlskrona in 1817 and came to be a very successful merchant with his own trading company in Gothenburg, August Abrahamson & Co, which dealt in small haberdashery goods such as buttons and thread, shirt collars and gloves.

In 1868, when he was 50, Abrahamson bought the Nääs estate with his wife Euphrosyne Lehman. Born in Stockholm, Euphrosyne was an internationally acclaimed opera singer when she met August. The pair had no children together and Abrahamson continued to live alone at Nääs after his wife’s early death in 1869 when she was only 33 years old. The estate also owned a large farm with 80 dairy cows and other animals. Abrahamson lived at Nääs until his death in 1898.