Nääs is situated in Floda, 30 km east of Gothenburg. Travelling on the E20 take the Nääs motet exit (No 89), signposted Nääs/Öijared. From the junction drive up the castle avenue which leads right up to the castle. If you’re going to a party or event in Vänhem or near the Craft School take the small avenue on the left before Nääs bridge.

To get here using public transport: take the commuter train to Floda station and then the bus to the Lilla Nääs stop. Walk up the castle avenue. You can also walk from Floda to Nääs which takes approximately 25 minutes. Follow the signposts from Floda station showing the path to Nääs through the oak wood nature reserve.

Use the Västtrafik travel planner before your visit to Nääs.

GPS position is Latitude: 57º 48ʹ 57.684'', Longitude: 12º 24ʹ 1.533''


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