Nääs Castle park and grounds is open every day of the year. There are various other buildings on the estate with different operators and different opening times (there’s more info about these other organisations on our website).


There are several large car parks by Nääs Castle and the Art & Crafts College, which normally have plenty of spaces, apart from when there’s a big event on. There is a charge for parking. From the car park to Nääs Castle Shop and Coffe shop is around a 40 metre walk and to the castle itself, 90 metres. You can park right next to Nääs Arts & Crafts (in the Mellannääs building) and Crafts & Building Conservation (in the Källsnääs building).


Largely flat terrain and gravel paths make it possible for disabled visitors to get around by themselves.


There are around twenty different buildings at Nääs, more or less all of which were built in the 1800s. All buildings with the exception of the castle can be accessed as they are, or by using a wheelchair ramp which will be put in place by a member of staff. All properties at Nääs are Listed Buildings and are as such not easy to adapt so that wheelchair users can get up to the second floor. There are no lifts in the buildings. Many staircases are long, steep, worn or not suitable for ramps.

Nääs Castle building:

There are many flights of stairs to negotiate in order to get in to and move around in Nääs Castle. Outside there are several long flights of steps to get to the main entrance. Inside the building is a long curved staircase to get down to the kitchen and another to get up to the second floor. The entrance to the kitchen can be accessed without needing to use stairs. From the kitchen entrance hall there are a couple of steps to get into the kitchen and then a long curved staircase to get up to the other floors. For more information and help call +46 302 31839.

The Vänhem building:

There’s a permanent ramp on the side of the building and a disabled toilet in the cellar which can be accessed from the outside.

The Mellannääs building - Nääs Arts & Crafts:

There’s a shop and cafe inside the entrance to the building, access to which is through a wide door at ground level. The exhibition space on the upper floor can be accessed by disabled users via a stair lift on the outside of the building.

The Källnääs building - Crafts and Building Conservation:

Disabled visitors can get themselves in to the exhibitions, library and shop via an adapted entrance on the lake side of the building. There are full details of the building’s accessibility on the Accessibility Database.


There are raised thresholds in all of the buildings.


There are toilets in the castle restaurant and reception, the cellar in the Vänhem building and by the car park between Mellannääs and Källnääs (Nääs Arts & Crafts and Crafts & Building Conservation). These are adapted for disabled users. In the castle building there are no toilets and no running water.


Tours are conducted in Swedish, but all guides do speak English. If you require a different language contact the booking team on +46 302 31225.


The Lilla Nääs bus stop is next to the motorway and it’s a 900 metre walk from there to Nääs Castle. There’s more information on the Västtrafik travel planner.


For questions regarding visits, bookings or events call: +46 302-31839 or email:


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